Processing time:

All items will be shipped within 1-2 weeks of order except for my children's leggings, dresses, peplums and joggers.  All children leggings, dresses, peplums and joggershave a processing time of 2-4 weeks.

Customers are responsible for providing the correct shipping information.  All shipping info is automatically applied to the shipping labels so please make sure your information is correct during checkout.

Babalus is not responsible for items delivered to an incorrect address.

If an item is returned to Babalus for an incorrect address, i will gladly reship the item at the customers cost.  There will also be a $3.50 restocking fee applied to the order. 

If the package is marked as delivered by the post office, but you did not receive them they are your responsibility to locate.  I suggest contacting your local post office branch and provide them tracking information so they can assist you. Once the item is scanned in by USPS Babalus is no longer liable.



Recommended use:






2 0-6 MONTHS 11 CM / 4.33 IN SOFT 
3 6-9 MONTHS  11.8 CM / 4.65 IN  SOFT 
4 9-12 MONTHS  12.6 CM / 4.96 IN  NON SLIP 
5 12-18 MONTHS  13.4 CM / 5.28 IN  NON SLIP
6 18-24 MONTHS 14.2 CM / 5.59 IN  NON SLIP
7 2 YEARS  15 CM / 5.90 IN  NON SLIP
8 3 YEARS  15.8 CM / 6.22 IN  NON SLIP
9 4 YEARS  16.6 CM / 6.54 IN  NON SLIP