Astronaut Outer Space Blanket


Super soft and plush fleece blanket in my amazing one of a kind designs. Available to order in 3 sizes. Processing time is 2 weeks for these custom blankets to get your door. I hope you love them as much as I do!


SMALL: 40inX30in

MEDIUM: 60inX50in

LARGE: 80inX60in

WARNING: These blankets are not made for babies or toddlers to sleep with. Do not leave your baby unsupervised with any blanket. Please consult your pediatrician to determine when your child should start sleeping with items in their crib. These are perfect for adults and grown kids to sleep with, tummy time for your babies, as well as cozy throw blankets for the whole family. Fleece, while extremely cozy, can also can keep little ones very warm so please keep this in mind.

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